The Global Leadership Development Institute (GLTI) is a collaboration between Vision of Community Fellowship, Food for the Hungry International Federation (FHIF), and Canaan Global Leadership Center. Our purpose is to develop leaders to experience and spread personal and community transformation.

GLTI began in May 2009 with classes mostly in collaboration with FHIF seminars for "Hunger Corps" (cross-cultural community development workers). Over 1,000 students have been trained in these conferences. Beginning in October 2010, GLTI opened its online courses to the world.

The foundation for GLTI courses is a belief that all transformation occurs from the inside-out. Change starts in a person's heart and mindset and spreads to their family, community, workplace, nation, and world. We believe the perfect model and source for change is Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

Vision of Community
Similar to personal transformation, there is a natural way for communities to grow - we call this vision of community. The essence of Vision of Community is that a community's churches, leaders, and families can grow by themselves towards God's Kingdom.

How the online courses work
Most courses are 5-6 weeks long. Students are given a reading assignment and questions each week. They post their answers online and comment on the other student answers.


GLTI Core Courses GLTI Advanced Courses
  • New People (Personal Transformation)
  • New Leaders (Leader Transformation)
  • New Communities (Community Transformation)
  • Amazing Canaan Farmer's School and Miracle of Korea
  • Kingdom Lifestyle (Personal Transformation)
  • LIGHTS Leadership
  • Advanced Community Transformation

    Tuition and Fees
    The standard fee is US$50 for a 5 or 6 week course. Scholarships may be available for those who cannot pay. Generally all materials are online, so book purchases are rarely required. Payments should be made within one week after classes begin. Payment can be made through Vision of Community Fellowship in 4 ways:
    A. Check to: VOCF, 227 Bellevue Way NE, #39, Bellevue, WA 98004
    B. Your Paypal account: To donate@vocf.net
    C. Credit Card or Paypal this link: http://www.vocf.net/index.php?/donate/project/preview/116/LQ/LQ/LQ/LQ/LQ/LQ/LQ/LQ/LQ
    D. Wire transfer: Email to info@glti.org for wiring info.

    Enrollment in a Course
    Courses that are accepting students are visible at www.glti.org and allow students to self-register and enroll. Click on the course you desire and follow the right-side instructions for "Create a New Account".
    During the new account and enrollment process, you are asked to confirm your new account through a confirmation email sent to your email address. This automatic email from GLTI sometimes take 5-10 minutes to arrive. If there is a delay of over 15 minutes, contact GLTI at info@glti.org and we will confirm your account. You are also asked for an enrollment key. If you have not received this, email to info@glti.org.

    Student Qualifications
    GLTI accepts any student who has a sincere desire to learn and is capable of communicating. GLTI does not discriminate based on politics, religion, gender, nationality, or any other persuasion.

    What kind of certificate is available?
    Course graduates receive a GLTI Certificate of Completion. GLTI plans to seek accreditation in the future.

    I have other questions, how can I contact GLTI?
    See the "Student Guides" or email to info@glti.org

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